Counting Rhythm (2) - on this page you can hear each example by clicking on it!
Click here for basic rhythms.

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This page gives you more examples of rhythms (including syncopations, ties and semiquavers)
using the counting system.

Reading rhythms in notation becomes more challening as more rhythmic variety appears,
but the counting system will still help you.
In these audio examples there is a click on each beat of the bar.

This bar has only 2 note in it, but the 2nd one requires a quaver and a minim tied together.
There's a note on beat one and another between 2 and 3 - this offbeat feel is known as syncopation.

Some more syncopation.

When semiquavers (16s) are introduced we need to be able to split each beat into 4.
"1" (or any number) is still the main beat, "&" is still the middle of the beat.
Use "ee" and "a" for the notes inbetween.

Here's a rhythm that includes a semiquaver and a tie.

And finally, a short screencast - a recap of reading rhythms.